30 Day Shred – Update

Whew! So, I’ve just completed Day 4 of the 30 Day Shred Challenge (see previous post), and I feel so sore and amazing all at once! This is a GREAT 20 minute workout! I can feel it working already…and my favorite part? My husband was out of town working Sunday thru this morning (Tuesday), and one of the very first things he said (on his own, btw!) was “have you been working out more?” and that he could already see a difference! YES!!! I’m excited about the possibility of looking GOOD this summer! No more squishiness 😛 I may have some good tone underneath (from all the poling and Pilates), but it’s always hiding under a lovely layer of fat :/ sooo this awesome 20 minute workout has strength and SO MUCH cardio involved that it is the most effective at burning off that layer of fluff. The cardio is KILLING me, but I am already liking the results enough to keep going!

I am also not drinking nearly as much dr pepper, and drinking much more water than I normally do. I haven’t been keeping track of how much exactly I drink per day though.

This workout has been draining me each day, so I haven’t accomplished much on my pole in the past 4 days! I have been working in the knee hold and of course playing around with more spins, but that’s about it. *sigh* trying to tell myself the draining cardio is WORTH IT!!! haha 🙂


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