I finally decided to try Gemini tonight & I got it! Gemini & Scorpio are a lot of fun…I feel like I could just hang like that for hours! Well, okay, maybe not hours. Probably not even for minutes, since it still burns a pretty good bit haha. I am excited about this one because of all the combos I will be able to attempt once I am able to do it effortlessly. The Gemini/Scorpio combo, and the Gemini/Superman combo look FUN!

I really need to work more on the DANCE aspect of pole dancing. I feel like I will eventually have all these individual tricks and spins that I can do, but then wont be able to thread them all together into something that resembles DANCING… Transitions always get put on the back burner. *sigh* What can I say, I LOVE the workout aspect a bit more than the dancing aspect…and the effect it has taken on my body is a good enough excuse to give it my ALL on the workout side of things 🙂 But still… Guess I should bump it up to the top of the list. Maybe I’ll make transitions the warm up part of my poling.

[[Edited to add: I haven’t added pictures of some of these tricks here onto my blog because a lot of them require a lot of skin to grip and not fall off and die. LOL. I add ALL pictures onto my poling facebook…I only add polers I know from the poling community & friends (chicks) that I know in real life. I also have all guys I know blocked. I have much more control this way & it makes me a good bit more comfortable than if I posted them here…feel free to add me if you want, but if you’re some random person I’ve never heard of…or a dude… don’t be offended when I add you to my long list of block-ees :P]]


About Kat

If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be eclectic. I like a little bit of everything and I do a little bit of everything. :) Some of my current favorite things to do are: spend time with my husband and daughters, work my home based business (, play with makeup and nail polish, work out (pilates, Jillian Michaels DVDs & pole dance/fitness), play Halo Reach & Zombies (COD) on xbox 360, living on the lake & blogging! I love my family more than life itself...and I will guard and protect them with my life. I've also learned to start standing up for myself (thanks to one of my mentors!) and tell people to back off when they try to hurt me or my family. My childhood abuse no longer defines me, thanks to my Savior Jesus Christ...and as a result of giving ALL parts of my life to Him, I have more peace and joy than I can ever remember having!

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