Butterfly Invert!

I NAILED THE BUTTERFLY TONIGHT! yeaaaahhhh buddy! Can’t wait to extend it…maybe by next month?? Gonna be a super busy month, so we’ll see. I also randomly went from cartwheel handspring, to a straight edge…to ayesha! Totally wasn’t on purpose though! I don’t know why I ended up in split grip ayesha, but I’ll take it! LOL! Now I know what it feels like and can *intentionally* work on it! 😛

My 2nd Successful Butterfly Invert!

Here is something funny, someone searched wordpress for “how many pullups can a pole dancer do” and somehow that search led to my blog. For whoever you are out there, I’ll go find out right now! I have a pull up bar in my kitchen doorway 🙂

………………..okay, I can do 4 full unassisted pull ups (technically chin-ups, palms facing me). LOL not very many, but the most I’ve ever been able to do. That’s after a very long late night pole session, so I might try again tomorrow when I’m better rested, just out of my own curiosity. I have been poling regularly for 6 months. (“regularly” for me meaning: always at least once a week, all the way up to 7 days a week, just depends on how busy life gets!)


About Kat

If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be eclectic. I like a little bit of everything and I do a little bit of everything. :) Some of my current favorite things to do are: spend time with my husband and daughters, work my home based business (http://rippedwraps.myitworks.com), play with makeup and nail polish, work out (pilates, Jillian Michaels DVDs & pole dance/fitness), play Halo Reach & Zombies (COD) on xbox 360, living on the lake & blogging! I love my family more than life itself...and I will guard and protect them with my life. I've also learned to start standing up for myself (thanks to one of my mentors!) and tell people to back off when they try to hurt me or my family. My childhood abuse no longer defines me, thanks to my Savior Jesus Christ...and as a result of giving ALL parts of my life to Him, I have more peace and joy than I can ever remember having!

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