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Why I hate scales

I constantly see women obsessing over the scales….I just wanted to give a different way to keep track of progress. Everyone is different, of course, but for me personally this is my experience.

I’m 5’2″. Yeah, I’m short πŸ˜› If I don’t workout or eat well, I weigh 110 or so. My waist is 26 inches around, I’m a size 5 and I do not look or feel my most fit/toned. However, if I start up my pilates & pole dance/fitness regularly and eat a CLEAN diet of 1200 calories (or more) per day, this changes. I actually GAIN weight from the muscle I am building–I weigh around 113-116…but my inches go DOWN. My waist is 24 inches & I’m a size 3. So for me, I couldn’t care less about the numbers on the scale!

I measure myself once a month, maybe twice. I do both pilates & pole at home, never stepped foot in a gym! I hate Cardio, but I do it anyway…HIIT, maybe 3-4 times a week.

This has been my experience for 2 1/2 years. I look my best with a 24 inch waist, but I weigh more by 3-6 lbs. Crazy, but its how my body works.

Here is my challenge to you who are frustrated with the scale: ditch it for a week or two. Get a tape measure. Do some pilates. (I recommend Cassey on YouTube, search for “POP PILATES”). watch your size shrink! Isn’t that what we all want, to be smaller & toned? That is always measured in INCHES, not always in pounds. Pilates + Cardio will easily accomplish this. Ditch the scale & try it!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Killer Buns & Thighs – Levels 2 & 3 + My Results!

Things have gotten crazy with my home based business, so I haven’t posted anything about my results with the latest Jillian Michaels DVD!

What do I think overall? Levels 2 & 3 are WAY more challenging than the first level. I LOVED these levels so much more. As always, Jillian mixes strength, plyometrics, HIIT and cardio all into one workout. I got a little annoyed that the girl who was supposed to be showing the advanced versions of the workouts couldn’t keep up half the time…Jillian did mention that they had been recording for HOURS, so I can understand that to some extent. There were a couple of moves I had never done… one being Squat-Jacks. The other? Single Leg Burpees. Yep, I said it. Single Leg Burpees. That is HARD work, but it pays off!

Calories burned? This all depends on how hard you work and your weight. You can burn between 400-600 calories with Levels 2 or 3. Get a calorie monitor to wear while working out to get the most accurate amount of calories burned.

My results? I’m not posting pictures, but here are my measurable results: I lost 1/2 inch around my hips/butt (I didn’t have much to lose here, I don’t have much of a booty to begin with!) and I lost 3/4 inch off of each thigh. Total inch loss = 2 inches! My favorite part of my results is the tighter, toned more muscular thighs and lifted booty. My husband noticed a difference, and he is my ultimate results calculator πŸ˜›

I am certainly keeping this one in my workout rotation!

Killer Buns & Thighs (Day 1)

I finally started Jillian Michael’s KB&T today. There are 3 levels of difficulty, each level is about 30-35 minutes. I’ve looked up how many calories are burned doing this workout. It varies by how much you weigh as well as how much intensity you bring to the workout. I’ve seen anything from 200-600 calories burned from various people doing this DVD.

I am going to do each level for a week, for a total of 3 weeks. I have my “before” measurements and pictures and will remeasure and take after pictures. I dunno if I’ll be posting pictures (lol), but I’ll definitely post about the results at the end of the 3 weeks.

Okay, so Level 1… I literally JUST finished and my initial thoughts are that level 1 is very much for beginners. It DID get my heart rate up a little with the cardio and it DID cause some burning in my quads… and it also challenged my balance with the single leg exercises. I skimmed through level 2 and it looks much more challenging. Don’t get me wrong! Level 1 is a GREAT starting point & is good for toning up & getting the heart rate up. If you’ve never done a JM workout or are just starting to work out, definitely begin with level 1. But personally, for me, I’m looking forward to level 2 right now!

And who knows? I might be feeling a LOT more sore than I think I will in the morning haha πŸ™‚ If you’ve done this workout, post below letting me know what you think!

In the meantime, I’m pumped enough to get some mat pilates in! Until next time…


[9/17/2011] EDITED TO ADD: Level 1 leaves me out of breath & my legs shaky, but I still would LOVE more of a challenge. So I’ve been doing Level 1 of KB&T, and then adding THIS POP Pilates Glutes video as well. This combination has been awesome! If Level 1 is not challenging enough for you, but you want to do it for a full week, I would add something like this pilates video to it. Feel the burn!!! πŸ™‚

Cardio and Jillian, my nemeses!

I can do strength & resistance training aaaalll daaaayy loooong. I love it! I love the burn & building strength!

Cardio, on the other hand, I loathe. My endurance is generally NOT my strong point. But cardio is a VITAL part of staying fit. I’ve been skimping on doing any cardio regularly lately, so I’m going to incorporate Jillian Michaels DVD’s into my workouts. She generally has had a good combination of cardio & strength.

I’m starting 30 Day shred again–doing that DVD for a week, then on September 6th I’m getting her latest DVD (Killer Buns + Thighs) to check it out…as long as it has some decent cardio circuits I’ll do that for 30 days.

I’ll take some before and afters, like I did with 6 week 6 pack…andΒ I’ll review KB&T after I’ve completed it, in the meantime here is a 4 minute preview!

6 Week 6 Pack – Results

I promised before and after pictures, well here they are! (I had a random “during” one too, and I forgot to take the side “after” picture until after I had showered and changed clothes, that’s why I’m wearing a light blue shirt in the 2nd “after” pic, LOL!) πŸ˜›

I am a mama to 2 baby girls, so I know it’s gonna take me a LOT more work to have a fully visible set of abs someday (aahhh perfect eating habits, where art thou? πŸ˜› …yeah right!) But with this Jillian Michaels DVD, I HAVE noticed more definition. Keep in mind I also incorporate pilates and pole dance/fitness into my week on a regular basis, which is also a lot of core work.

The photo quality and lighting isn’t the best…sorry! But hopefully you will get an idea from them. I still have a lovely layer of post-pregnancy fat and some loose skin & stretch marks over the bottom part of my tummy. Drinking much more water and having a close-to-perfect (clean!) diet would help get rid of that last layer of fat. Which is hard for this italian chick to do! What can I say…I LOVE food! πŸ™‚ I’m also using the body wraps that I sell (well, I hog them all and rarely try to sell any to others hehe….) to tighten and tone the loose pregnancy tummy skin. Those have helped a LOT. I really wish I had before and after pictures from the wraps to post as well…I love those things!

Before/After From the Front

Before/During/After From the Side

As far as the workouts themselves… I really liked the first level much more than the second level. I felt like the second level incorporated a LOT of other things into the workout, which is good due to the cardio and burning more fat–which is needed to DEFINE what abs you do have…but I just think it’s more of a preference for me, I would do pilates-style mat work ALL DAY if I could. I hate cardio, haha. Overall, it’s another great DVD from Jillian! I recommend it for anyone looking to for a DVD workout that focuses on toning the core!

Fell off the wagon!

Ugh. More like burned off the wagon.

I haven’t done any kind of workout since Thursday night. THURSDAY, people! It’s been almost a full week. Thursday I got in a great workout, I did my Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack (level 1) workout with NO modifications… in fact, I was excited because I made it as hard as the most advanced versions in the video, and some of them (like the burpees) I did more advanced than they even show at all in the video (I do a push up once I’m down as well as jumping once I’m up)… about 2 hours after that I did a really hardcore pole workout (haha, hardcore for ME anyway!)… I nailed my invert with no hands several times, got my cartwheel handspring super straight (see previous post) AND I GOT SCORPIO INVERT for the first time ever!!! Man I didn’t realize how much core you use for scorpio… I thought it was mainly legs…psh!

The next day, Friday, I was so sore! I wasn’t going to work out anyway because I really needed to let my body recover after all that. All day Friday, I was out of town visiting family… I got home pretty late too… Saturday, I slept in a little and then spent the entire day with my hubby and girls (it was his one day at home in the middle of a lot of days at work)… Sunday, oh Sunday. It was BEAUTIFUL outside on Sunday. I was outside a lot longer than I should have been. Me and my 4 year old were outside playing (in direct sunlight btw) for about an hour… then I decided to lay out and tan for a bit. It felt sooo good to lay in the sun. My back and back of my legs got a beautiful golden hued tan! Then I flipped over onto my back…Ahhh it felt sooo goood…… So good that I wanted to take a nap……………oh crap, I took a nap. And then, I was toasted. So needless to say I have been recovering ever since. Thanks to 95% aloe lotion, Virgin Coconut oil & a bit of Tea Tree oil, I have survived the worst part. And I am hoping I wont peel at all…so far so good!

Tomorrow, I should feel good enough to work out again. *sigh* now that I’m a week behind my 6 week 6 pack. Perhaps I will do it twice a day this week. IDK we shall see….

Until next post!

Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack

I am on Day 3 of this challenge. If I follow thru and do it at least 6 days a week for 6 weeks, then my last day will be Mother’s Day! Ohhh yeah! A *visible* 6 pack would be an AMAZING Mother’s Day gift to myself πŸ™‚ I’ve always had decent tone, but it’s also always been covered up by a layer of fat.

I have taken “before” pictures, and I will take another set of “during” pictures before I do the first day of week 4 (so after 3 full weeks). I’ll also take “after” pictures on Mother’s Day. I will post them all then!

I know diet is a big part of why the human body holds onto fat. I’m still not eating a whole lot of flour, but struggling with cutting out sugar….man I’ve been craving some serious chocolate lately! haha.

The workout itself is great! I have done a lot of pilates over the past 2 years, so knowing proper form has helped a LOT. There isn’t as much cardio as the 30 Day Shred, but just enough to break a sweat for sure! My balance is still lacking some with lunges and side planks, but I’m already feeling some improvement with that!

I’m definitely excited about this DVD!