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Cardio and Jillian, my nemeses!

I can do strength & resistance training aaaalll daaaayy loooong. I love it! I love the burn & building strength!

Cardio, on the other hand, I loathe. My endurance is generally NOT my strong point. But cardio is a VITAL part of staying fit. I’ve been skimping on doing any cardio regularly lately, so I’m going to incorporate Jillian Michaels DVD’s into my workouts. She generally has had a good combination of cardio & strength.

I’m starting 30 Day shred again–doing that DVD for a week, then on September 6th I’m getting her latest DVD (Killer Buns + Thighs) to check it out…as long as it has some decent cardio circuits I’ll do that for 30 days.

I’ll take some before and afters, like I did with 6 week 6 pack…andย I’ll review KB&T after I’ve completed it, in the meantime here is a 4 minute preview!


6 Week 6 Pack – Results

I promised before and after pictures, well here they are! (I had a random “during” one too, and I forgot to take the side “after” picture until after I had showered and changed clothes, that’s why I’m wearing a light blue shirt in the 2nd “after” pic, LOL!) ๐Ÿ˜›

I am a mama to 2 baby girls, so I know it’s gonna take me a LOT more work to have a fully visible set of abs someday (aahhh perfect eating habits, where art thou? ๐Ÿ˜› …yeah right!) But with this Jillian Michaels DVD, I HAVE noticed more definition. Keep in mind I also incorporate pilates and pole dance/fitness into my week on a regular basis, which is also a lot of core work.

The photo quality and lighting isn’t the best…sorry! But hopefully you will get an idea from them. I still have a lovely layer of post-pregnancy fat and some loose skin & stretch marks over the bottom part of my tummy. Drinking much more water and having a close-to-perfect (clean!) diet would help get rid of that last layer of fat. Which is hard for this italian chick to do! What can I say…I LOVE food! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also using the body wraps that I sell (well, I hog them all and rarely try to sell any to others hehe….) to tighten and tone the loose pregnancy tummy skin. Those have helped a LOT. I really wish I had before and after pictures from the wraps to post as well…I love those things!

Before/After From the Front

Before/During/After From the Side

As far as the workouts themselves… I really liked the first level much more than the second level. I felt like the second level incorporated a LOT of other things into the workout, which is good due to the cardio and burning more fat–which is needed to DEFINE what abs you do have…but I just think it’s more of a preference for me, I would do pilates-style mat work ALL DAY if I could. I hate cardio, haha. Overall, it’s another great DVD from Jillian! I recommend it for anyone looking to for a DVD workout that focuses on toning the core!

Fell off the wagon!

Ugh. More like burned off the wagon.

I haven’t done any kind of workout since Thursday night. THURSDAY, people! It’s been almost a full week. Thursday I got in a great workout, I did my Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack (level 1) workout with NO modifications… in fact, I was excited because I made it as hard as the most advanced versions in the video, and some of them (like the burpees) I did more advanced than they even show at all in the video (I do a push up once I’m down as well as jumping once I’m up)… about 2 hours after that I did a really hardcore pole workout (haha, hardcore for ME anyway!)… I nailed my invert with no hands several times, got my cartwheel handspring super straight (see previous post) AND I GOT SCORPIO INVERT for the first time ever!!! Man I didn’t realize how much core you use for scorpio… I thought it was mainly legs…psh!

The next day, Friday, I was so sore! I wasn’t going to work out anyway because I really needed to let my body recover after all that. All day Friday, I was out of town visiting family… I got home pretty late too… Saturday, I slept in a little and then spent the entire day with my hubby and girls (it was his one day at home in the middle of a lot of days at work)… Sunday, oh Sunday. It was BEAUTIFUL outside on Sunday. I was outside a lot longer than I should have been. Me and my 4 year old were outside playing (in direct sunlight btw) for about an hour… then I decided to lay out and tan for a bit. It felt sooo good to lay in the sun. My back and back of my legs got a beautiful golden hued tan! Then I flipped over onto my back…Ahhh it felt sooo goood…… So good that I wanted to take a nap……………oh crap, I took a nap. And then, I was toasted. So needless to say I have been recovering ever since. Thanks to 95% aloe lotion, Virgin Coconut oil & a bit of Tea Tree oil, I have survived the worst part. And I am hoping I wont peel at all…so far so good!

Tomorrow, I should feel good enough to work out again. *sigh* now that I’m a week behind my 6 week 6 pack. Perhaps I will do it twice a day this week. IDK we shall see….

Until next post!