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Fitness and Pregnancy!

As you can see, I have majorly slacked in posting on this blog! I am 9 weeks pregnant with my third child. This is my first pregnancy since I’ve become more dedicated to fitness 3 years ago. I have been homeschooling my oldest (Kindergarden!) and working my home-based business with ItWorks. Life has been busy!

I have learned a lot in the past few weeks about staying fit through pregnancy. This article on is my favorite that I have come across so far. It is certainly worth a read for anyone trying to conceive or mamas who are expecting! For me personally, with the first trimester taking a toll on my energy levels, I have noticed that I need more rest days between workout days. Instead of one or two rest days per week, I am only working out every other day. I have lowered the intensity of my cardio a lot, and kept my strength training the same. Various kinds of push-ups, pull-ups and squats are my strength focus…I’m sticking with the basics to keep my muscle tone!

Diet and Pregnancy – I am obviously not restricting calories or trying to lean out at all. I am ordering my mochas as decaf… and of course making sure I take enough folic acid each day. There were two weeks where I had no appetite for anything remotely “heavy”…all I wanted was cold fruit, veggies and salad! Nothing else settled in my stomach very well. My appetite has since returned though, thank goodness! This Italian girl LOVES food! 😉 I am simply focusing on clean, whole foods (with the exception of mochas of course!) and I’m not paying attention to how many calories per day…just stopping when I am full!

Pilates and Pregnancy – Pilates is an AMAZING form of fitness during pregnancy! There are so many ways to modify each exercise and it is great for the core. I am going to keep my focus on various planks….especially after the 1st trimester is over, I am going to be very careful about avoiding any twisting-type core work, as I don’t want to exaggerate the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles!

Pole Fitness and Pregnancy – I have taken the advice of the lovely Veena at For the first trimester, I am only doing tricks and inverts that I am 110% solid on, and not learning any new ones. Then for the second trimester, I will stop inverting all together. Third trimester–I’ll be keeping both feet on the floor at all times 😉 No more spinning or lifts until after baby arrives!

I have a blog devoted to this pregnancy, check it out —

9 weeks with baby 3

Well, that’s all for now…I hope to post more about my fitness journey throughout pregnancy 🙂


6 Week 6 Pack – Results

I promised before and after pictures, well here they are! (I had a random “during” one too, and I forgot to take the side “after” picture until after I had showered and changed clothes, that’s why I’m wearing a light blue shirt in the 2nd “after” pic, LOL!) 😛

I am a mama to 2 baby girls, so I know it’s gonna take me a LOT more work to have a fully visible set of abs someday (aahhh perfect eating habits, where art thou? 😛 …yeah right!) But with this Jillian Michaels DVD, I HAVE noticed more definition. Keep in mind I also incorporate pilates and pole dance/fitness into my week on a regular basis, which is also a lot of core work.

The photo quality and lighting isn’t the best…sorry! But hopefully you will get an idea from them. I still have a lovely layer of post-pregnancy fat and some loose skin & stretch marks over the bottom part of my tummy. Drinking much more water and having a close-to-perfect (clean!) diet would help get rid of that last layer of fat. Which is hard for this italian chick to do! What can I say…I LOVE food! 🙂 I’m also using the body wraps that I sell (well, I hog them all and rarely try to sell any to others hehe….) to tighten and tone the loose pregnancy tummy skin. Those have helped a LOT. I really wish I had before and after pictures from the wraps to post as well…I love those things!

Before/After From the Front

Before/During/After From the Side

As far as the workouts themselves… I really liked the first level much more than the second level. I felt like the second level incorporated a LOT of other things into the workout, which is good due to the cardio and burning more fat–which is needed to DEFINE what abs you do have…but I just think it’s more of a preference for me, I would do pilates-style mat work ALL DAY if I could. I hate cardio, haha. Overall, it’s another great DVD from Jillian! I recommend it for anyone looking to for a DVD workout that focuses on toning the core!

Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack

I am on Day 3 of this challenge. If I follow thru and do it at least 6 days a week for 6 weeks, then my last day will be Mother’s Day! Ohhh yeah! A *visible* 6 pack would be an AMAZING Mother’s Day gift to myself 🙂 I’ve always had decent tone, but it’s also always been covered up by a layer of fat.

I have taken “before” pictures, and I will take another set of “during” pictures before I do the first day of week 4 (so after 3 full weeks). I’ll also take “after” pictures on Mother’s Day. I will post them all then!

I know diet is a big part of why the human body holds onto fat. I’m still not eating a whole lot of flour, but struggling with cutting out sugar….man I’ve been craving some serious chocolate lately! haha.

The workout itself is great! I have done a lot of pilates over the past 2 years, so knowing proper form has helped a LOT. There isn’t as much cardio as the 30 Day Shred, but just enough to break a sweat for sure! My balance is still lacking some with lunges and side planks, but I’m already feeling some improvement with that!

I’m definitely excited about this DVD!