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HANDSPRING! (cartwheel)

So, I had to make a post just for this accomplishment! Tonight, after 6 days of practicing it, I nailed the cartwheel handspring!!! *does happy dance*!!! I can’t hold it for more than a second yet, but I’ll definitely be working on it until I can perfect it!

I was out running errands today & it was such a gorgeous day! I found myself wanting to pull over because I kept seeing street signs & random poles… Kept thinking “hmmm I bet I could invert on that one” or “ohhh layback would be easy on this one!” haha! I heard the urge to go street poling would creep up eventually. Every pole type thing I see, I think of all the poling possibilities!

I’ve still been working on a stronger invert…also the knee hold, still no luck with that one.

Got a picture of my first good cartwheel handspring 🙂


******UPDATED on 4/2/11******
I have been able to straighten it up and hold it a little. The video was at the end of a very long workout so I was a bit worn out at this point…it’s not very graceful! But I still got it haha.