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Outdoor Pole Practice!

I did a lot of practicing the other day at the park while my daughter played. This park rarely has ANY kids playing there, it’s crazy! Oh well, my girl has the whole park to herself and I can practice in the great outdoors 🙂 Here are some video clips from my practice.

Spinning practice – There’s a random fan kick, fireman spin & some front/back hooks in there at the beginning…but I’ve mainly been working on my Reverse Grab Spin, like a LOT… mastering this spin is just one more step toward getting the Phoenix someday 😀

Butterfly practice – Butterflying is just a lot of fun 🙂 It’s a little more difficult with jeans & no leg grip, but my upper body strength has finally built up enough to handle doing it with jeans on. Yay!

Handspring practice – aahhh cartwheel HS, my very 1st trick and still my all time favorite. I had lost my straight edge from cartwheel handspring, so I’ve been trying to get that back. Also started working on Twisted Grip handspring! Once I can lift into that without kicking, I’ll be THAT much closer to 2 of my dream tricks – Phoenix and Iron X. Oh yessss.


1st Time Street Poling!

I tried some cartwheel mounts today on a street sign! It was way too slippery to do much else…plus I had jeans on for the first half (changed into shorts to try to invert LOL it was STILL really slippery) I tried inverting to get into gemini/scorpio but I was wearing jeans. I was SO excited that the street pole was bigger, thus I figured I could grip better when inverting or doing layback tricks….eeehhh nope! especially not in jeans! Hubby got a video of me falling from the invert…. Thank the LORD I’ve learned how to control my falls by gripping and sliding down without such a hard fall. It was pretty funny 😛 I’ll upload it here soon so you can have a laugh 🙂

Here are my cartwheel attempts, couldnt get into a straight edge to save my life though! My bottom supporting hand kept sliding every time I tried to straighten it up. A couple of these were taken on hubby’s cell, so the quality isn’t that great. He pulled out the camera for the better ones lol.

[5/9/2011 – EDITED TO ADD VIDEO…bahahahaha… note to self–tone down the excitement and think about what you’re wearing BEFORE trying to grip/hang with legs…jeans=BAD :P]

Cartwheel Handspring Tutorial

Here are a couple of videos…the first is a video of a spin combo someone on Twitter requested to see. It is the front hook, to back hook, to reverse stag spin…on spinny mode. I am having to get used to dizziness again, it took me a week to get totally used to it without getting dizzy and now I’ve been off of spinny mode for over a month…so gotta start ALL OVER! Ohh well 🙂

The second video is one with tips that helped me learn the cartwheel handspring in 10 days! I forgot to mention you should rest every other day so you don’t strain or injure yourself.

Happy weekend!

HANDSPRING! (cartwheel)

So, I had to make a post just for this accomplishment! Tonight, after 6 days of practicing it, I nailed the cartwheel handspring!!! *does happy dance*!!! I can’t hold it for more than a second yet, but I’ll definitely be working on it until I can perfect it!

I was out running errands today & it was such a gorgeous day! I found myself wanting to pull over because I kept seeing street signs & random poles… Kept thinking “hmmm I bet I could invert on that one” or “ohhh layback would be easy on this one!” haha! I heard the urge to go street poling would creep up eventually. Every pole type thing I see, I think of all the poling possibilities!

I’ve still been working on a stronger invert…also the knee hold, still no luck with that one.

Got a picture of my first good cartwheel handspring 🙂


******UPDATED on 4/2/11******
I have been able to straighten it up and hold it a little. The video was at the end of a very long workout so I was a bit worn out at this point…it’s not very graceful! But I still got it haha.