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Progress (Month 2, Part 1)

This first accomplishment, I feel, deserves a post of it’s own… haha. I am so excited to say… I CAN DO 4 PULL UPS!!! (Technically, they are called “chin ups”, the easy version…but the actual “pull ups” are with palms facing away, and I can do TWO of those!) I have never practiced chin ups/pull ups alone, or done any kind of weight lifting or bench pressing. I have accomplished this progress by simply POLE DANCING! Love love LOVE this! I was elated to randomly & half-heartedly try some stuff on the pull up bar over the kitchen door the other day…to find out how easy it was to do them!!! Before poling, I NEVER in my whole life have been able to do a single pull up or chin up. And anyone who has tried these for the first time knows how difficult it is to lift your own body weight! Lifting weights and bench pressing is a totally different strength than lifting your body weight. (Thank you pole dancing!!!)

The second accomplishment, I was *almost* as excited about 🙂 I got the “Beginner’s Plank”! (AKA – layback). I think this move is so pretty, but man does it BURN! I thought pole sitting was rough on the skin. HA. And the Advanced Plank (where the grip is below/under you instead of above you) is said to burn even more. Aahhh, fun. lol. The burn will go away with time and practice…and it is SO worth it! The feeling of FINALLY nailing a move is fabulous! Lots of happy dancing. haha!

Still getting more comfortable with inverting…something about being upside down is unnatural I think, haha, so progressing with inverted tricks is a bit on the slow side….(hoping for the Butterfly soon!)

I will update my progress again in another 2 weeks 🙂


Progress – Month 1

It’s been a month since I started poling regularly…I’m a total addict! I haven’t gotten many tricks down yet, as beginners should focus on strength-building prep exercises before being strong enough to grip and hold your own body weight up properly without injuring yourself. Some spins shouldn’t even be attempted before being certain the strength is there!

Here is a list of my 1st month’s accomplishments and a couple of goals I’m aiming for once the basics are effortless:

Pole Sit – I had the pole sit with no hands within 2 weeks, but then I slacked off and didn’t pole sit for the next 2 weeks… so now it burns again. Oops!

Pole Climb – This is something I am trying to do, but it takes soooo much more strength than I thought! And it doesn’t help that my ceilings are low (7’6″) so I don’t really have a whole lot of pole to practice climbing! Working on this one every time I practice.

Basic Invert – I’ve finally inverted (without jumping into it)! YES! I actually accomplished this one yesterday! 😀

Elbow Stand – Another one I got yesterday. I have the balancing skills of a drunk giraffe, so I was REALLY excited about this one! I wanna eventually do this without the pole for “backup”. I can feel my upper back and shoulders getting stronger from doing this one.

Plank – Currently working on the plank/layback. Once the burn goes away from pole sitting, I’m pretty sure I’ll have this one!

Butterfly Invert – I’m going to stick with doing the basic invert for another week, so it becomes more effortless… then go for the Butterfly!

Spins – I’ve gotten a few spins figured out, albeit not nearly as solidly or gracefully as I would like! Here’s a video with clips of all the spins I’ve accomplished so far. Some of them are on static and some are on spinny. I like to do a little of each so I can hopefully stay used to grip and momentum on either. (Also yes I am fully clothed in the video…I do tricks & strength training in a cami/sports bra & boyshorts, but skin isn’t necessary to practice spins, and I save the skin videos for my husband 😛 )