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“Baby Bumps & Barbells” by

This is seriously one of THE BEST articles on fitness & pregnancy. I love the meal plan!

Baby Bumps And Barbells: How To Stay Fit When You’re Pregnant


As long as all is well, there are no complications, and your doctor gives you the go ahead…there is no reason to NOT continue working out as you have before. You will obviously have to modify a few things along the way.

You don’t have to “eat for two”–you only need an extra 300-400 calories per day.

You don’t have to “take it easy” (if the pregnancy is uncomplicated)–you can continue your fitness routine with modifications.


My goal is to be as healthy, strong & energetic throughout pregnancy as I can manage. It’s best for the baby, and will make pregnancy & childbirth easier for me!


Fitness and Pregnancy!

As you can see, I have majorly slacked in posting on this blog! I am 9 weeks pregnant with my third child. This is my first pregnancy since I’ve become more dedicated to fitness 3 years ago. I have been homeschooling my oldest (Kindergarden!) and working my home-based business with ItWorks. Life has been busy!

I have learned a lot in the past few weeks about staying fit through pregnancy. This article on is my favorite that I have come across so far. It is certainly worth a read for anyone trying to conceive or mamas who are expecting! For me personally, with the first trimester taking a toll on my energy levels, I have noticed that I need more rest days between workout days. Instead of one or two rest days per week, I am only working out every other day. I have lowered the intensity of my cardio a lot, and kept my strength training the same. Various kinds of push-ups, pull-ups and squats are my strength focus…I’m sticking with the basics to keep my muscle tone!

Diet and Pregnancy – I am obviously not restricting calories or trying to lean out at all. I am ordering my mochas as decaf… and of course making sure I take enough folic acid each day. There were two weeks where I had no appetite for anything remotely “heavy”…all I wanted was cold fruit, veggies and salad! Nothing else settled in my stomach very well. My appetite has since returned though, thank goodness! This Italian girl LOVES food! 😉 I am simply focusing on clean, whole foods (with the exception of mochas of course!) and I’m not paying attention to how many calories per day…just stopping when I am full!

Pilates and Pregnancy – Pilates is an AMAZING form of fitness during pregnancy! There are so many ways to modify each exercise and it is great for the core. I am going to keep my focus on various planks….especially after the 1st trimester is over, I am going to be very careful about avoiding any twisting-type core work, as I don’t want to exaggerate the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles!

Pole Fitness and Pregnancy – I have taken the advice of the lovely Veena at For the first trimester, I am only doing tricks and inverts that I am 110% solid on, and not learning any new ones. Then for the second trimester, I will stop inverting all together. Third trimester–I’ll be keeping both feet on the floor at all times 😉 No more spinning or lifts until after baby arrives!

I have a blog devoted to this pregnancy, check it out —

9 weeks with baby 3

Well, that’s all for now…I hope to post more about my fitness journey throughout pregnancy 🙂

Alethea Austin Flexibility DVDs

Flexibility is one of my main weaknesses. I just bought Alethea Austin’s “Stretching for Pole” & “Pure Splits” DVDs & started them on Friday (4/20). I am REALLY excited about finally obtaining some flexibility!

I’ve only gone through both DVDs once, and I will do a full review after I’ve done it for a few weeks. But here are a few random things that I’ve discovered so far:

  • Stretching is important.
  • Warm ups are VERY important.
  • Gaining flexibility takes time.
  • Flexibility on the pole also takes strength.
  • My back is more flexible than I originally thought (yay!)
  • Patience and determination is especially important with gaining flexibility.
  • Flexibility makes every pole move prettier 🙂

I can’t wait to share my flexibility progress & full DVD review 🙂

Brass Monkey!

This move never really stood out to me, so I’ve never gotten around to attempting it. But, I’ve realized it will help me achieve a few other tricks that DO stand out to me. I must say, this was harder for me than I thought it would be!

I discovered that: 1-my hamstrings will be a lot stronger because of brass monkey. 2-my back is not very flexy …at ALL! 3-I love hanging upside down by my legs! haha 🙂

I know this isn’t the greatest picture, but oh well 😛

Wordless Wednesday

Search Engine Question – Butterfly

I LOVE reading the search engine entries that send people to my blog. This one was from this morning: “Why cant I straighten my body when doing pole dance reverse butterfly?” 

I’m not totally sure what a “reverse butterfly” is, as pole fitness is so new that each move is called 2-3 different things. Eventually there will be a universal name for each move, but I’m certain that is years away 🙂

This is what I call the beginner’s butterfly. Body is against the pole, hands are very far apart.

You can make this more difficult by putting the hand closest to the floor farther up the pole then push your body away from the pole… and bend your leg (the one that is on the pole) at the knee. This requires more upper body strength to hold.

And then there is the Extended Butterfly. This is with both legs straight/extended. Body is very far away from the pole (I’m still working on getting farther from the pole than pictured!) The leg touching the pole is “hooked” at the ankle, not the knee.


Now, for the question! How do you keep your body straight?

  • Inverted crucifix FIRST. If you cannot do this inverted hang, you should work it before attempting the beginner’s butterfly. This will give you a feel for how centered your body positioning will be in beginner’s butterfly.

  • Start at the beginning position. Keep your body close to the pole. Focus on keeping your belly button and sternum on the pole.
  • Work on your grip. Sometimes your grip just isn’t strong enough, and you might be swaying or drifting to the side because of grip.
  • Engage your core. Your core (abs, back, chest, shoulders) is your powerhouse! Keep this engaged & tight while in butterfly.
  • Hip position. Keep your hips square to the pole. This means don’t tilt them away or off to the side. In beginner’s butterfly, your pubic bone will be centered at the pole. This should be true when you extend your butterfly as well.
  • Use a mirror. It helps tremendously to be able to see what you are doing while you are doing it!
  • REPEAT. Once you get your body straight and have beautiful lines in beginner’s butterfly, you can work on extending your butterfly some. Keep doing these things (hips square, engage core, strong grip)! You WILL get stronger once you work on proper form.

I hope this helps! 🙂

“You know you’re a poler when…”

You know you’re a poler when you are away from your pole for WEEKS & begin looking for lamp posts, street signs & even TREES to do inverts on………..

Thank the Lord I found an abandoned playground nearby with a 45mm pole! I’m definitely getting my next pole in the 45mm size, it’s much easier gripping with the hands–but not so much with the legs. Also with these pictures, unlike when I’m on my pole inside, I am wearing much more loose clothing which KILLS any grip for hip holds with Gemini & Scorpio, so I couldn’t let go with both hands.

Anyway, here are a few pictures, I managed to get a basic invert & a gemini on a pine tree, but the gemini was terribly painful, hahaha! Pine trees are NOT the best trees to do tricks on…

HANDSPRING! (cartwheel)

So, I had to make a post just for this accomplishment! Tonight, after 6 days of practicing it, I nailed the cartwheel handspring!!! *does happy dance*!!! I can’t hold it for more than a second yet, but I’ll definitely be working on it until I can perfect it!

I was out running errands today & it was such a gorgeous day! I found myself wanting to pull over because I kept seeing street signs & random poles… Kept thinking “hmmm I bet I could invert on that one” or “ohhh layback would be easy on this one!” haha! I heard the urge to go street poling would creep up eventually. Every pole type thing I see, I think of all the poling possibilities!

I’ve still been working on a stronger invert…also the knee hold, still no luck with that one.

Got a picture of my first good cartwheel handspring 🙂


******UPDATED on 4/2/11******
I have been able to straighten it up and hold it a little. The video was at the end of a very long workout so I was a bit worn out at this point…it’s not very graceful! But I still got it haha.


Progress (Month 2, Part 1)

This first accomplishment, I feel, deserves a post of it’s own… haha. I am so excited to say… I CAN DO 4 PULL UPS!!! (Technically, they are called “chin ups”, the easy version…but the actual “pull ups” are with palms facing away, and I can do TWO of those!) I have never practiced chin ups/pull ups alone, or done any kind of weight lifting or bench pressing. I have accomplished this progress by simply POLE DANCING! Love love LOVE this! I was elated to randomly & half-heartedly try some stuff on the pull up bar over the kitchen door the other day…to find out how easy it was to do them!!! Before poling, I NEVER in my whole life have been able to do a single pull up or chin up. And anyone who has tried these for the first time knows how difficult it is to lift your own body weight! Lifting weights and bench pressing is a totally different strength than lifting your body weight. (Thank you pole dancing!!!)

The second accomplishment, I was *almost* as excited about 🙂 I got the “Beginner’s Plank”! (AKA – layback). I think this move is so pretty, but man does it BURN! I thought pole sitting was rough on the skin. HA. And the Advanced Plank (where the grip is below/under you instead of above you) is said to burn even more. Aahhh, fun. lol. The burn will go away with time and practice…and it is SO worth it! The feeling of FINALLY nailing a move is fabulous! Lots of happy dancing. haha!

Still getting more comfortable with inverting…something about being upside down is unnatural I think, haha, so progressing with inverted tricks is a bit on the slow side….(hoping for the Butterfly soon!)

I will update my progress again in another 2 weeks 🙂