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Fit-Tip Friday – Christmas Weekend!

So it is the day before Christmas Eve…are you BUSY yet?! Yeah, I thought so! I dunno about you, but I am not going to have much time for working out, so here is my plan for the weekend:


  • Today: 25 Burpees for every hour I am awake.
  • Christmas Eve: 25 Jump Squats for every hour I am awake.
  • Christmas Day: 25 Torso Twists for every hour I am awake (pictured/explained HERE).


Now, obviously I’m not gonna excuse myself from Christmas dinners with the family to bust out in a quick workout on the floor, haha. I do 50 in the following hour or something similar. This means if I am awake for 15 hours, I’ll get in 375 of each move in per day. 12 hours is 300, and so on… This is just something I thought of so I can get in SOMETHING while I’m on the go this weekend! Do something similar that works for YOU!



Cartwheel Handspring Tutorial

Here are a couple of videos…the first is a video of a spin combo someone on Twitter requested to see. It is the front hook, to back hook, to reverse stag spin…on spinny mode. I am having to get used to dizziness again, it took me a week to get totally used to it without getting dizzy and now I’ve been off of spinny mode for over a month…so gotta start ALL OVER! Ohh well 🙂

The second video is one with tips that helped me learn the cartwheel handspring in 10 days! I forgot to mention you should rest every other day so you don’t strain or injure yourself.

Happy weekend!